a short film by riccardo pavone


Title: Break
Directed by: Riccardo Pavone
Produced by: Xiaowei, Riccardo Pavone
Screenplay by: Riccardo Pavone
Story by: Riccardo Pavone
Animation by: Riccardo Pavone
Music by: Andrea Peraro
Edited by: Riccardo Pavone
Production company: Xiaowei productions
Country: China/Italy
Year: 2018
Running time: 2'45"
Aspect ratio: 16:9

In a smoky, Piranesian world, full of incomprehensible machinery and busy mechanical workers, a robot is passionately dedicated to music for the short time allowed by the recharge of his jackhammer batteries.

Robot FF (Pisa, Italy), october 2018
Alternative FF (Toronto, Canada), fall 2018
Corto Villese (Villa di Serio, Italy), november 2018
Ivelise FF (Roma, Italy), november 2018
Corti a Ponte (Ponte S.Nicolò, Italy), may 2019
281 FF (Schio, Italy), may 2019
Videofestival (Imperia, Italy), may 2019
Trofeo La lanterna (Genova, Italy). may 2019
Figari FF (Olbia, Italy), june 2019
Premio Telenicosia (Nicosia, Italy), june 2019
Cartoon Club (Rimini, Italy), july 2019
Sinevizyon (Alsancak, Cyprus), september 2019
International FF (Torino, Italy), september 2019
Corto Nanni (Piombino, Italy), october 2019
Slow FF (Roma, Acquapendente, Antrodoco, Italy), october 2019
School Experience FF (S.DonĂ  di Piave, Cittanova, Nuoro, Palermo, Italy), october 2019
Accordi@disaccordi (Napoli, Italy), november 2019
Sarno Film Festival (Sarno, Italy), november 2019
Cortiamo Film Festival (Alcamo, Italy), november 2019

"Best Animation" at Altervative FF, 2018
"Premio Creative Commons" at Corti a Ponte, 2019
"Terzo Premio" at 281 FF, 2019
"Migliore Animazione" at Videofestival di Imperia, 2019
"Miglior fiction" at Trofeo La lanterna, 2019
"Best Animation" and "Best Music to Andrea Peraro" at International FF, 2019
"Premio Animazione" at Cortiamo FF, 2019

"Imperia Film Festival" (2019), Red carpet.
"Imperia Film Festival" (2019), with Fiorenzo Runco
"Imperia Film Festival" (2019), The Award
"Imperia Film Festival" (2019), On stage for the award ceremony
"Corti a Ponte" (2019), with Raffaella Traniello
"281 Film Festival" (2019), two third prize for vater und sohn!
"Trofeo La lanterna" (2019), "Fiction" category trophy!
"Trofeo La lanterna" (2019), "Fiction" category trophy!
"Cortiamo Film Festival" (2019).
"Cortiamo Film Festival" (2019), Staff and Directors.
"Cortiamo Film Festival" (2019). On stage.
"Cortiamo Film Festival" (2019), "Premio Animazione" trophy!

A touching article by journalist Silvia Valerio (It):

Filming processing began in 2015 in my spare while working as an architect in China. It took three years of work and has gone through difficult times like the loss of rendered sequences. After this incident the original length has been reduced by about one minute and finger animation has been simplified.


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