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Riccardo Pavone

I was born in 1966 in Padova (Italy). I studied Arts and Architecture.
After a brief experience in constructions i moved to China, where I worked as a concept designer in building and interiors. In my spare time, I worked on 3D modeling, experimenting animations and digital processing techniques. In 2014, with my wife Xiaowei, TV Director, I started a Chroma-key video studio in China.
Returned to Italy, I dedicate myself to the production of animated short films. One of my goals is to produce high-level artwork entirely made with open source software and free resources. My favourite software have always been Blender and The Gimp.



I was born in 1966 in Kunming (China). I studied Economic Management and i worked over 30 years at Hainan TV Station as Director.
As Co-founder and Secretary of CHANYI Cultural Association I promote Chinese pictorial and calligraphic art, traditional fashion, music, poetry, dance and folklore events in Italy.
I am Deputy Secretary of "Traditional Culture Commission" of "Chinese National Association of Cultural Promotion". Promoter and planner of "Hainan International Fashion Week". Artistic Advisor of "Yuan Rong" Company. Manager of the "Crossing time&space Culture Society" in Hainan. Speaker and reader of the Web Radio "Yimalaya". I was named Ambassador of the Qipao tradition. Member of the "Hainan Film and Television Association".

Civic Center, DongFang, China, 2014
Civic Center, DongFang, China, 2014
Shipping company headquarter, Haikou, China, 2013
Villas, Sanya, China, 2013
"Construction company headquarters, 2013
"Row-houses in Wenchang, 2013

From 2000 to 2014 I worked as Architect and Interior Designer at the most important design companies of Hainan Province. Therefore I was able to approach the Chinese and the local habits, languages and culture.
I tried to bring to my projects both the western cultural background that belongs to me, and the creative suggestions that chinese cultural heritage offers.
During my over ten-year career in China I designed: Hotels, Shopping centers, Cultural centers, Leisure centers, Residences, Offices, Interiors, Furnitures and Graphics.
In 2001 I received the "Foreign Expert Certificate" in the fields of economy and technology. In 2006 I received the "Coconut Island Award" from Hainan Province Government.
A somewhat dated but more complete collection of project can be found here.

Dining table, 2015
Ceramics, 2018
"Palco" bed, 2003

In this category I have collected projects that don't directly concern architecture or cinematography, my main occupations. Therefore I will put even graphics and drawings on it.
While the architect job is temporarily suspended, it happens sometimes to have a new graphic idea or something that is worth to publish.

"The messenger" (2019).
"Break" (2018), "Best Animation" at "Alternative Film Festival", Toronto.
"Recycles" (2018), "Best Poster" at "Alternative Film Festival", Toronto.
"Cartaccia - wastepaper" (2018), starring Romeo Pavone.
"Escher" (2006).
"Il signor Dongguo e il lupo" (2010). A traditional chinese tale drawn and told by Martino.


Escher (2006)
Il signor Dongguo e il lupo (2010)
Il messaggio (2010)
Break (2018)
Cartaccia - wastepaper (2018)
Recycles (2018)
Earth, water, air, fire (2019)
The messenger (2019)

In 2018 I produced a thirty minute film with 60 children from the elementary school, in which each child traveled within his own drawing.
Most of the films and other video-experiments produced are avaible for view on Youtube.

Read more about Break and The messenger.

Machines Celibataires performing in 1986.
Machines Celibataires before gig in 1988.
Machines Celibataires performing at "Rock contest" in 1993.
Machines Celibataires performing "Margini" in 1998.
Riccardo and family performing in China in 2013.

I started writing music in 1986. In that year, with Gianmarco and Massimo, we joined together to form the band "Machines Celibataires". In the years the band went through the replacement of several members until 2000, the year in which the band broke up. "Machines Celibataires" have produced soundtracks for the theater, participate in collaborative records, and made multimedia shows.

From the show "Margini", held in 1998, we have a couple of tracks where I played bass guitar, Barbara flute, Andrea drums and Gianmarco vocals:
Crash (live)
Intima I: Compagno Vlad (live)

The band's last work was "Pensieri, parole, opere, omissioni" (2000), a collection of four tracks, here it is:
In vortice
In caduta libera
Un po' più in là (per Tina)
Sul tempo Mr. Greenwich

Since 2001, during the stay in China, i tried to bring the oriental atmosphere onto my compositions. My wife Xiaowei wrote the lyrics and sang three songs. Here they are:
Haidao de nuren

Together with Carlo who lived in Lisbon we started the long-distance-internet-based band "Macria", that had a rather short life and has not published anything but wrote some good tracks. Here is one of them:

In 2014 I decided to remaster and rearrange some old songs. Here we have "Orpheus" in an instrumental version, a very old song from "Machines celibataires":
Orpheus (instrumental)

I recently left out the musical composition to dedicate myself more actively to video production but still, having the time, I write the soundtracks of my short films. These are "Cartaccia" (2018) and "The messenger" (2019) background music:
The messenger

A new work for a documentary soundtrack called "Corners" (2019):

The title sequence.
The first rendered frame.
Walk, cat & Taijiquan.

September 2019

We are now at over three minutes of rendered frames.

August 2019

The new short film has a title: "Shengsi Xiangyi" which means about "To share the same destiny on life and death", by extension "To be together forever in a mutual dependence".

July 2019

The death of my father-in-law inspired me for a short film about the last years of his life, without his beloved wife who passed away twenty years earlier.

June 2019

"The messenger" (2019) released and subscribed to various festivals.

March 2019

The production of "The messenger", the remake of "Il messaggio", has begun.

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